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Their durability against chemical solvents together with their durability against high temperature and ozone, and their current-carrying capacity which is more than other cables; they are preferred in white appliances, automotive and lighting sectors.

The product range we have includes;

     ■  HO5S-U (Single wire, Single core, Silicone insulated)

     ■  HO5S-K (Multiple wire, Single core, Silicone insulated)

     ■  HO5SJ-K/HO5SJ-U (Single core, glass fibre braided)

     ■  Adjacent Cord and Multi core cables


They are being used in most of the sectors for door and floor heating, cooler-deep freeze-refrigerator doors, cooling machines. Any kind of resistance cables are being manufactured in the required technical specialties in line with the demands from the clients.

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Silikon Kablolar
Silikon Kablolar
Silikon Kablolar